As The Year Ends, The Slow News Cycle Results In Rumors Galore

It seems that it is a tradition for online gambling news to experience a slowdown during the holiday season. This usually leads to an increase in rumors, this year being the same as all others with various industry news sources reporting that the PartyGaming group is making plans to return to the United States market, the very one that it so recently abandoned, some think too quickly.

The story has received no confirmation as of the present time from PartyGaming, and many believe the report may be unfounded since it lacks confirmation or actual basis.

The recent passage of a bill under the direction of Senator Bill Frist in the United States, a bill that makes it illegal for financial institutions to participate in online gambling website activities, led to PartyGaming’s exciting of the United States market. The bill become law under the total of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act when it was signed by on October 13th by President Bush. This let to substantial share price losses among many key public companies, leading many to hastily withdraw from the U.S. online gambling market, a market that for most companies represented a substantial share of their business.

As a result of this rapid withdrawal, several private companies that have not stopped providing services in the U.S. market to online poker players along with casino gambling have witnessed tremendous growth in their businesses.

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