Poker tips


Identify aggressive players, who play a few dishes and those that do play a lot and try to play with them while avoiding the other hand, unless you have a strong hand.

Look to your chips

Keep an eye on the number of chips of other players. Identify the players who have more chips than you and play more carefully against them, a mistake could cost you dearly. It is better to play pots with players who have fewer chips than you.

No combination

If your cards do not match any of the community cards, you should go if someone else bets.

Ace in the hand

Do not play it whenever you have an ace in your hand. However, if you play an ace accompanied by a paper of the same suit, from a 10 or an ‘other top card.

Hands to stay with before the flop

Play with pairs (7-7, 9-9), two figures (KQ, QJ) or hands that can make both a straight and a flush (8-9, 6-7 in the same suit). Be patient and fold other hands, except when you are participating in a blind.

Do you have a good hand? Aim High

In Texas Hold’em No-Limit, players can bet all their chips. If you have a good hand, then, aim high!

Watch and wait

Play fewer hands when you are one of the first players to act, because you will be at a disadvantage and you will be exposed to any bids made by other players.

Wait your turn

Do not act unless it is your turn, play proceeds clockwise at the poker table.
Better to be a player who “tip” that a player who “calls”
Being aggressive players pay.

Call the bluff

If someone sitting in late position (near the location of the token or token) raises, controrilanciate sostanziosamente in if you are blind. Most likely not have a very good hand and are just trying to steal your blinds. (This style of game, known as going ‘over the top’, is probably the most aggressive as possible in a Texas Hold’em No-Limit).

Be patient

The biggest mistake made by most players is to act hastily. When you are taking an important decision, stop and think about how it went and what the stakes might be holding your opponent. Do not rush.

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